He had just finished wiping off the last table when the power flickered out. Tetu straightened up and felt his way toward the kitchen where Auntie Shu sat undisturbed, absentmindedly stroking Bo, her white catotter. 

            The old woman called to him from her seat by the stove, “Light me a candle, I can’t finish my crossword in the dark like this!” Her voice dropped to a mutter as he smiled in her direction and began shuffling around the kitchen drawers for a book of matches, something about how in her day people like them had Councilman Sokka to keep the benders out of their hair.

            Tetu frowned to himself as he let her mumble on, there was no doubt that the power outage was somehow related to the newly passed curfew.  He lifted a match to light the wick of the candlestick on the windowsill when a movement outside caught his eye. Angry voices bubbled in from the alleyway that the kitchen window looked out on, and soon enough Tetu could see his neighbor’s faces illuminated in the moonlight.

            “We’ll make them turn the power back on!”

            “They can’t really do this, can they?”

            The voices outside grew louder and louder, the cries of children joining the displeased murmuring and echoing shouts of adults.


            “Well? Where’s that light?” Auntie Shu looked up at her tenant expectantly, her mouth pulling into a straight line. Her frown deepened as he crouched next to her, a smoking candle in his shaking hand. “What is it, boy?”

            “I think,” he said hoarsely, looking at the floor, “I think it’d be best if you went in for the night. I need to check something.”

OOC: The Sunny Roof

Some details on Tetu's living space and Landlady, I was going to leave it more open-ended but the chances of someone coming in and filling any gaps I make like that are very slim indeed!

Tetu lives in the back room of a small sit-down restaurant called the Sunny Roof. It's a rather unassuming but charming restaurant in a convenient neighborhood location, and is mostly popular as a cheap date site for young couples. Tetu waits tables and runs errands for the old woman that owns the Sunny Roof, Auntie Shu.
Auntie Shu, as everyone calls her, is a grandmotherly old woman who was happy to take Tetu under her wing after her own son grew more and more distant from her. She's almost never seen without her white catotter, Bo.

They previously had some trouble with the Triads, but confrontations with them have become fewer and fewer after a couple run-ins with one of Tetu's close friends, a rather leery and oft scowling nonbender whose name Auntie Shu just can't seem to remember! He can't be around all the time though, so Tetu and Auntie Shu are both always on guard.They're both nonbenders so they haven't had any trouble with the Equalists.

The prospect of any kind of confrontation makes Tetu very nervous as he is a pacifist, but he'd do anything to protect Auntie Shu.

OOC: Aesthetic Changes

(( Hey there! Just making a quick note of some very small changes in Tetu's appearance, nothing big and only in the head area, haha. I'll probably be making more journal entries and I'm hoping to start a thread or two now that I've actually got the time to do so! :] ))